2020-05-24: Stonegate Road, Leeds.

2020-04-02: Moon.

2020-01-01: Roundhay Park in New Year’s Day.

2019-12-13: It’s a pair of winter-ready squirrels hanging out on our front fence.

2019-12-08: Tree’s up 🌲

2019-11-28: Modifying a hand-me-down UNNAMED BRAND hoover attachment to fit our slightly newer model. …

2019-11-27: I’ve been unable to #makevember for the last week and a half thanks to general busyness, but …

2019-11-11: Everybody loves new notebook day.

2019-11-02: I revisited yesterday’s #makevember determined to get the batteries inside the jar. Sadly, even …

2019-11-01: A string of cheap Aldi LED skull lights left over from Hallowe’en makes for a very light-weight …

2019-10-29: That’s a birthday cake!

2019-09-23: I think it might be time to put the shorts away for the winter.

2019-08-08: Kirkcudbrightshire.

2019-06-27: Big garlic is big.

2019-05-26: Camping in Wensleydale over the weekend. Sadly this weather didn’t last.

2019-05-21: Found this wee boyo crawling round my office this morning. I’ve no idea what it is.

2019-05-19: All go at the Selby Open.

2019-05-10: I have questions.

2019-04-06: Looking north up Gare Loch this evening. Great view of the mountains.

2019-03-26: Woo! Swag! For when I need distracted from politics, stickers!

2019-03-25: Another from Fountains Abbey. It’s a very peaceful place. Until my children started shouting 😬

2019-03-24: As above, so below.

2019-03-23: We took a trip to Fountains Abbey this afternoon. It was much bigger than I expected, both the ruins …

2019-03-19: A lone nail, spotted in the wild.

2019-02-22: Sneaky spot for a geocache, down a wee entry in Whitby.

2019-02-21: Today was a cracking afternoon to start getting back into the swing of things for the outdoor …

2019-02-20: It was a pretty dreich afternoon at Eccup, but the geocaching was successful.

2019-02-19: It’s Whitby Abbey. No sign of any vampire, though.

2019-02-18: I’ve never seen it in action, but I have seen this roller parked in different places, so I think it …

2019-02-17: It’s not apparent from this picture just how busy Roundhay Park was yesterday afternoon. It was the …



2019-02-06: Too many pens inked. I should clean some out 😞

2019-02-05: Everybody loves new notebook day.

2019-02-02: A chilly evening out.


2019-01-31: It was a little bit frosty this morning. Still is, seven hours later.

2019-01-26: Not pictured: the doughnut the size of my whole hand.

2019-01-18: The first snow of the year started to fall.

2019-01-12: More Sagrada this evening. We quite like it, and it’s a very nicely produced game.

2019-01-11: An old satchel was in a box since a house-move or two ago. I found this in the bag 😁

2019-01-08: Since the gas was off at home, I spent the morning somewhere warmer. With a rather nice breakfast, …

2019-01-06: Dice from a new game: Sagrada.

2019-01-05: Over Kirkgate Market, Leeds.

2019-01-04: I can’t remember if I posted this. I meant to. The Mournes, from the centre of the maze at …

2019-01-03: One more from in and around Tollymore last week.

2019-01-02: A small splash of colour from Tollymore last Friday.

2019-01-01: The first bauble of 2019.

2018-12-31: Trassey Road, Newcastle.